Learn How to Get to Product Market Fit

The Start of a Project ends when Customers actually LOVE the Experience you created for them. Did you Achieve that yet?

There's nothing worse than Loosing a Project or a Company you put so much Time and Money into

Lack of Experience on crucial topics like Getting Early Feedback From your Market leads you to Inaction, Mistakes and Prioritisation Issues. It makes you look clueless in front of your team.

Wasting Time developping a product no one actually wants leaves you with no Time to work on the important things such as Acquiring New Customers.

While you're getting busy with Unecessary Tasks and Discussions, money keeps burning, and you do not get closer to Product Market Fit. You can't get to the Next Stage of Growth.

I'm Maxime Pico, freelancer, teacher and speaker.

I managed Startup42, one of the best startup accelerators in Paris and then went on to be an independant consultant for early-stage projects. This gave me the chance to help hundreds of project holders in a very short time, see what they all got wrong and what few get right.
Maxime Pico

I will Personally Help you get to Product Market Fit faster and teach you how to make Smarter Decisions through Tailored Advice during 1-on-1 Meetings

Here's what I do besides Helping people build Successful Projects

Startup Tools and Tips book

I co-authored Startup Tools & Tips (in french) where I cover A/B Testing and Analytics for startups

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I publish on medium, Slideshare, LinkedIn and have a readership of +25k people

Startup Tools and Tips book

I'm a teacher at top engineering and communication schools in France

Here are some of the companies I've worked with

WorldCraze WorldCraze
Themecloud Themecloud
Guesswork Guesswork
Optimiam Optimiam
ProcessOut ProcessOut
Czar Czar
Ad Scientiam Ad Scientiam










By having regular sessions together you will


Get Faster to Product Market Fit


Leverage the power of Analytics and Interviews and be data-driven


Learn about your Users and be able to target them better


Know what does and doesn't work for your funnel and how to run new experiments


Increase the Confidence of your Team by backing your decisions with data


Improve your Prioritisation Skills thanks to adequate reporting

Here's what you'll experience

Mani Doraisami

Mani Doraisami
Guesswork founder and serial entrepreneur

"Maxime is easily one of the best mentors I had. He has a unique combination of seeing the big picture and hands-on experience of growing a startup. He is very disciplined in following up on the growth numbers every week that puts founders in the right trajectory.
Needless to say, he mentored fresh graduates into YC/Techstars alums. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone looking to grow their startup."
"Maxime helped us at a time when we had a good flow of customers coming to our website but only a few were converting. Together, we simplified our funnels and setup a relevant analytics. Thanks to this work we were able to increase our conversions by 400% in 2 months and have now a good framework to continue on that base."
Shikhil Sharma

Shikhil Sharma
Czar Securities founder

Muntasir Rashid

Muntasir Rashid
Hektor Founder and serial entrepreneur

"Maxime has a keen eye for every small details that needs to be managed carefully to develop a startup ground up. He is very data oriented and cynical about assumptions and hypothesis which makes him the perfect 3rd eye for any startup.
He brings these very casual yet effective hacks to solve critical problems and always there to help entrepreneurs. He is a good listener and fun to be work with."

I'll spend as much time as needed to review your experiments, funnels, analytics and strategy and blow your mind during our regular calls. It's 300€/month and you can end whenever you want

And if I didn't provide you with enough value during the first session, I have a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

I work with businesses that are a good fit. At the moment I have only 3 slots left...

Apply now to see if we can work together

And remember, with every minute in pre-Product Market Fit, you're loosing time, money is burnt and you're stuck at your current growth stage...